The TOOLBOX is an open instrument where you can find a plethora of good practices gathered by WINTER MED project concerning sustainable and responsible tourism in the Mediterranean island destintions.

The Toolbox was created during the Testing phase following a process of evaluation of good practices with the aim of presenting and sharing the lessons learned with the stakeholders of the Mediterranean islands. Inside the toolbox you can find 13 good practices, each presented by an overview sheet and its deliverables. In addition, there are the documents of Assessment (D 3.2.1 Compilation of capitalized policies, measures and tools) and Context analysis (D.3.1.1 Transnational Tourism context analysis) as well as an Assessment matrix that allows to identify the good practice by theme or label.

The tool is open to be implemented with additional good practices that can be reported by stakeholders, for this reason has been created a special section called - Additional GP & Doc- . Good practices collected and assess so far concern the following themes:

  • Managing Measuring & Monitoring Tourism Sustainability
  • Carrying capacity
  • Indicators
  • Strategic planning
  • Mobility
  • Promotional campaign
  • Fundraising
  • Energy, water and waste management strategies
  • Interoperability information
  • Sustainable tourism Itineraries
  • Capitalisation

It is possible to learn about lessons learned collected through our webinars as well - Click here!