WINTER MED partnership consists of pilot areas which are highly touristic, mainly during the summer season.

Among them, there are areas which greatly depend on the tourism economy. Med partners experience mostly summer tourism, dependent significantly on the 3S (Sea-Sun-Sand) model. On the other hand, despite the strong points that these areas share, i.e. Mediterranean identity characteristics (which are adored by tourists and comprise a strong branding tool), some areas remain unexploited, while others are over-visited, exceeding their carrying capacity in a certain period of the year.

Thus, clear strategies need to be designed and actions are essential to be taken, in order to spread the tourism flows all year round and increase the benefits for all the areas (coastal and non-coastal) and economic sectors in the Med pilot islands involved in WINTER MED and beyond.

The transnational strategy for all year round sustainable and responsible tourism in Mediterranean island destinations proposed by WINTER MED takes into account:

  1. Existing strategies presented in a summary in section 2,
  2. New reality imposed by the COVID-19 situation briefly presented in section 3,
  3. The strong points of these areas that can potentially be exploited to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats
  4. Roadmaps and lines of intervention for each partner and are presented in section 4.