Our Story

The Mediterranean is one of the world's most popular M&C tourist destinations, its islands attracting millions of tourists during the summer months. The tourism sector is the major economic driver that brings prosperity and economic and social development of the Mediterranean island destinations . At the same time, it brings also a huge pressure on cultural and natural heritage of the territories. These negative impacts are exacerbated in particular during the summer season when the local communities have to cope with the overtourism, whilst remaining in a socio-economic impasse during the rest of the year.

WINTER MED project tackles the current seasonality of demand of the M&C tourism by capitalizing on European projects that have focused on the planning and diversification of the sustainable tourism in MED islands and the improvement of strategies and policy planning in view of the transition from the summer overexploited tourist season to a responsible and sustainable all year-round offer, based on the development of high-quality thematic tourism products.