Winter Med meets Refill Now!

Meet this innovative start up from the Elba Island that aims to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic water bottles!

Refill Now is an innovative sustainable project started in Elba Island in May 2019 with the goal to innovate the way drinking water is consumed and distributed in the tourism destinations in order to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic water bottles.

Refill Now has developed an interactive map where there are located the Refill Water points, public and private, available in a destination and it has linked the Refill Map to reusable objects via QR code and NFC Tag.

Through their services and reusable accessories they make the re-use and refill habits easy and fun reducing the impact on the environment!

Refill Now team vision is: “To make zero impact travel and living easy and accessible to everyone”

This interesting project will be presented to regional stakeholders in Tuscany to raise awareness on sustainable water use and reducing of single-use plastic waste.

For more information download the presentation of the project and visit: