The 1st regional workshop in Cyprus

The 1st regional workshop in Cyprus was organized on the 19th of October 2020. The workshop was focused on the WINTERMED Strategy, the Regional Roadmap and the toolkit with the best practices.

The stakeholders focused their discussion on the Cyprus’ ten-year tourism strategy 2020-2030 which aims for a 30% increase in income and a rise in the number of visitors from 4 million to 5.15 million in 2030.

The strategy is based on both quality and quantity goals which will be met in a ten-year period. The vision is for a sustainable growth of Cyprus’ tourism which will benefit the economy, society, and the environment.

The aim is to turn Cyprus into an all year destination with the promotion of not only the coastal areas of Cyprus and the sun and sea product but to promote the mountain villages and the countryside. Also, Cyprus to become a quality and smart destination as well as a destination which values the protection of the environment and the climate change.

There is the need to upgrade the tourism product, to create outstanding experiences, particularly culture and nature related, to develop winter products and experiences, to address the excessive visual pollution and the issue of soulless architecture and to address the loss of Cypriot local identity.