In the Balearic Islands, tourism actors discuss an action plan to make the islands a safe and sustainable destination

In the framework of the WINTER MED Interreg Med project, six regions are implementing activities to elaborate a Regional Action Plan with local partners. These campaigns are part of the transferring activities which aim to discuss a transnational strategy to foster a sustainable and all-year-round tourism in the Mediterranean. In the Balearic Islands (Spain), the Tourism Strategy Agency and the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce are co-designing the Regional Action Plan with various stakeholders.

The Mallorca Chamber of Commerce (MCC) and the Balearic Islands Tourist Strategy Agency (AETIB) are coordinating the different activities they decided to set up in order to elaborate a Regional Action Plan for a sustainable year-round tourism on the islands. The process is divided in three phases. The first phase aimed to involve local tourism actors and to create a group of stakeholders. It also included the collection of good practices already in place in the region.

Once relevant stakeholders were identified and contacted through face-to-face meetings, the MCC and the AETIB engaged the second phase of the process by scheduling three multi-stakeholders workshops. The first workshop (15/2/2021) focused on European available funds for the tourism sector, while the second one (2/3/2021) targeted discussions on sustainability and circular economy in the same sector. A third and last workshop was held on March 15 and addressed the ways to create safe tourism destinations.

In parallel, the phase three of the process that foresees the drafting of the Action Plan is ongoing and a first draft was proposed at the end of March. The final Regional Action Plan will be delivered in September, following the policy exchange activity.