ANCI Tuscany and Confesercenti Toscana met tourism sector stakeholders to present the WINTER MED strategy with the regional roadmap and the toolkit, and to assure engagement of relevant actors in the upcoming participatory process that will lead to the co-design of the Regional Action Plan.

The workshops were organized online, on 11th of November and on the 3rd of December.

The first date was dedicated to the municipalities and local tourist associations, whilst the 2nd gathered SMEs from the tourism sector. Participants discussed main opportunities and challenges for the tourism sector in island destinations and already proposed the main themes that have to be tackled during the co-design phase with a wider group of stakeholders, like sustainable mobility, interconnectivity between islands, improvement of the outdoor tourism offer, digital marketing, fundraising.

All these themes were already included in some extent in the proposed regional roadmap for the Tuscany Region and reflect the main strategic lines of the draft WINTER MED strategy.

The representatives of the municipalities were particularly interested in the involvement of relevant stakeholders like associations, enterprises and local communities in the action plan development and assured their support with their engagement.

The SMEs that participated in the first meeting appreciated very much that the work will be structured according to a bottom-up process. Interesting points emerged during the meeting to be taken into consideration for the next steps.

After the first series of 12 webinars and the first meetings mentioned above, capacity building and policy learning activities will continue in early 2021 with a more specific focus on concrete learning needs. The aim is to identify, through workshops and interviews, the main points to be addressed for the first draft of the regional action plan expected by the end of March.