The 6th Steering Committee of the WINTER MED project was held online on 20 July 2021, an occasion that brought together the partnership alongside the Project Leader ANCI Toscana. The aim of this meeting was to discuss the project’s progress and the future steps to be taken in order to successfully deliver the project’s main goal: a common strategy for sustainable and all-year-round tourism.

After the Project Leader reminded all the partners of administrative steps to be taken, the Steering Committee focused on the progress of the activities and state of play of the different work packages, paying special attention to the transferring deliverables and to the capitalisation phase which officially started in July this year.

Regarding the transferring activities, this meeting was the occasion for regions  –South Aegean Region (READSA), Cyprus (ANETEL), Balearic Islands (AETIB & Cambra de Comerç de Mallorca), Tuscany (ANCI), Dubrovnik-Neretva Region (DUNEA) and Corsica (ATC) – to share the progress made in the consolidation of their Regional Action Plans (RAPs) and to explain how they are approaching and organising the capacity building and policy learning activities, key tools to support the development and effective implementation  of the RAPs. These activities are to be developed in and by the partner’s regions to enhance the needed skills for planning, developing and implementing relevant policies and strategies for sustainable all-year-round tourism.

On another note, IPTPO – partners co-organising the 3rd Transnational Policy Exchange Workshop, which will take place on 6 October in Porec if the situation allows it –, updated the rest of the partnership on the initial details of the event.  The partners will take the opportunity to organise a steering committee and a site visit the following day.

WINTER MED partners also had the occasion to jointly examine the first draft of the project’s Transnational Strategy, developed with the help of Dr. Nagore Espinosa – external consultant from in2destination supporting ANCI Toscana with transferring activities. The partners will now have some time to take a closer look at it and share their feedback.

An overview of the progress of all the communication activities, of which CPMR and ATC are in charge, was also given. The partnership agreed to participate in the European Commission initiative “Tailored Postcards” as part of the EU in my region campaign and is in the process of selecting one final picture to represent the project.

Last but not least, Flora Leroy from the CPMR- Intermediterranean Commission, the partner leading the capitalisation activities, briefed the partners on the details of this final phase, which is currently underway and will be completed with the end of the project in June 2022. With the help of Nuno Vaz Silva, consultant supporting the transition towards the capitalisation module, an in-depth presentation of the capitalisation strategy was given with a special focus on the role to be played by the partners in its implementation.

With clearer ideas on the future steps, the partnership is advancing towards the final phase of the project and looking forward to meeting again in person at the beginning of autumn.