On Monday 17 May, a specific workshop on indicators brought together all the WINTER MED regional partners. Incorporating indicators into the WINTER MED’s Regional Action Plans (RAPs) is essential to measure the progress and status of the different actions that the regions contemplate in their plans: they are essential to monitor the level of compliance with the objectives set. Moreover, setting indicators is also a way for regions, and the project itself, to fulfill their duty to be transparent and accountable.

The workshop was a good opportunity to review some basic aspects to keep in mind when building indicators. First of all, they have to be built in direct coherence with the objectives of each plan, trying to be as specific as possible. Secondly, they must be measured on a regular basis, so they allow cross-time comparisons. And finally, linked to the latter, the results obtained through them have to be duly monitored and analyzed.

With all this information in mind and thanks to a series of very illustrative examples given on indicators in the field of sustainable tourism, WINTER MED partners will now design their own indicators to measure the degree of success of their regional strategies for sustainable and responsible tourism all year round. With the incorporation of these indicators, the regions are now finalizing the details of their RAPs, which will be completed by the end of June 2021.