The 1st Transnational Policy Exchange Workshop will be organized online on the 30th of March 2021. This workshop will mainly deal with the regional action plans of the partner regions, their priorities and the actions planned for sustainable year-round Tourism. Tourism professionals, local and regional players are invited to participate.

The Mediterranean Island destinations struggle to find steady sources of income outside of tourism, mainly due to geographical constraints and lack of economic diversification, a challenge greatly highlighted by the current crisis.



Moreover, the tourism sector, bringing huge pressure on cultural and natural heritage, can only heighten this reality, contributing to biodiversity loss, coastal erosion, weighing on local resources such as energy, food, land use and water and through the commercialization of local culture and traditions.


To facilitate a more sustainable exploitation of the territories while conveying more stable socio-economic benefits, in an era where travelers’ movements are impacted and rethought, the WINTER MED project envisions a sustainable governance of tourism, no longer limited by the high season.


Indeed, the Interreg MED project WINTER MED promotes the transition from the 3S (Sea-Sun-Sand) tourism of insular tourist destinations in summer to an alternative, sustainable, all-year round tourism, by delivering the adequate tools to change and sustainably improve one of the key sectors of the Mediterranean area.


WINTER MED aims to deliver an integrated transnational strategy for the development of all year round sustainable and responsible tourism in Mediterranean island destinations, through joint planning and cooperation between involved regions. To reach such an ambitious strategy, Regional Action Plans are being developed by partner regions: Cyprus, Tuscany, Balearic Islands, South Aegean, Dubrovnick and Corsica. 


Hence, this workshop allows all partners and participants from within or outside the project to learn about and contribute to the Regional Action Plans of these regions, their priorities and foreseen actions, that can be discussed/debated in order to find common grounds for the transnational strategy. Regions from outside the project can participate and share their experience and ideas for a transnational strategy that benefits all Mediterranean territories and beyond.


WINTER MED invites tourism professionals, local and regional stakeholders to join, and contribute in these discussions towards all year round sustainable and responsible tourism in Mediterranean island destinations.



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