WINTER MED Policy Paper

WINTER MED Policy Paper

The WINTER MED Policy Paper establishes links and synergies across the different initiatives of the project and the EU and MED policy framework. The final aim of the paper is to gather policy advice for regional and national governments to influence the highest levels of decision-making in the extension of the tourism season. It advocates for collective commitment of tourism stakeholders towards a Transnational year-round Tourism Strategy for Mediterranean islands. 

Overall, the Policy Paper stresses the need to strengthen cooperation among Mediterranean destinations and different governance levels, insists on the need to better consider territorial needs and challenges advocated at the local and regional level and calls on considering islands’ specific needs. It advocates for improved connectivity throughout the year, fostered public-private collaborations and empowered local communities. 

The capitalisation of the WINTER MED results got a first impulse thanks to the endorsement of the Policy Paper by Mediterranean regions from the CPMR Intermediterranean and Islands Commissions, partners of the project, during the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission Political Bureau held on 9th February 2022. 

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