Mallorca Chamber of Commerce Presentation

Can you identify the role and missions of your organization?

Mallorca Chamber of Commerce is a corporation that has, as its goal, the promotion of the economic and business of the island, through the development of proposals, implementation of actions and rendition of services to companies and businesses, in accordance with the public administrative roles prescribed by Law.


As a consultative body of the Public Administration and a corporation for empowering the economy, Mallorca Chamber enjoys an active presence and an institutional participation in different public and private organisations.


The main services are: International promotion; Training; Assistance for setting up; Arbitration & Mediation; Business Meeting Point etc.

Why are you participating in the WINTER MED project?

As WINTER MED is a project designed to address the problems shared by island territories in the Mediterranean, our territory felt directly concerned. We believe that our island can benefit greatly from this project.

What is the economic weight of tourism for your region?

Tourism is a major economic activity for the Balearic Islands, accounting for 46% of GDP. The Balearic Islands is a consolidated and internationally recognized tourist destination which, according to surveys, obtains good satisfaction rates among the tourists.

What are the high periods of tourist attendance?

The tourism sector is highly seasonal in the Balearics, with most visits concentrated in the summer months, especially in July and August. Until not so long ago, the model focused on promoting sun and beach tourism, so that during the low season many businesses linked to the sector (e.g., accommodations or restaurants) were closed. Now, there is a strong desire and commitment to extend the tourist season by diversifying the sector.

What projects or actions have you implemented to make tourism more sustainable?

For years now, the Chamber of Commerce has been working strategically towards greater sustainability at all levels, from environment to businesses and tourism. Moreover, in the current context, the Chamber is aware that sustainability is also a key issue in the tourism recovery of our island. For all these reasons, various initiatives have been developed to encourage and support companies in this transition, including internationalization, competitiveness, training and entrepreneurship programs and awareness-raising activities.

Have you set up tourism sustainability monitoring tools?

At the regional level, the Balearic Islands Government has put in place some tools that the Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting their implementation. On the one hand, Commission for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism of the Balearic Islands was developed by the regional government to analyze, assess and select projects corresponding to actions submitted by the administrations and the rest of the entities that make up the Commission, which are to be paid for from the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism Fund.

Also, the regional government / AETIB established the  where information on all the projects financed by the proceeds from this tax can be found.

Do you have ways to reduce the negative impacts on the environment, culture, social?

In recent years, a few initiatives have emerged at the regional level that help to minimize the impact of tourism, such as the Sustainable Tourism Tax levied by the Balearic Government mainly aimed at compensating the territorial and environmental impact of tourism in our islands.

What measures do you recommend ensuring responsible and sustainable growth?

The Mallorca Chamber of Commerce encourages the implementation of measures with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a reference. In addition, the Chamber is firmly convinced that cooperation between the public and private is the best way forward also in the field of sustainable growth.

What governance mechanisms do you propose?

A clear frame of reference would be the one proposed by the European Green Deal at the European level and, at the universal global level, the UN's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.