1 - Can you identify the role and missions of your organization?

EGTC EFXINI POLI in strong cooperation with its members, aims at interregional, transnational and cross-border activities for sustainable development in network areas for transferring know –how and exchange of good practices.

2 - Why are you participating in the WINTER MED project?

European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation EFXINI POLI aims to support South Aegean Region which is member of its network to develop a regional action plan for extension of touristic period in a sustainable way. At the same time, the organization will try to transfer this experience to other areas of its network.

3 - What is the economic weight of tourism for your region?

South Aegean GDP came by 97% from tourism activities.

4 - What are the high periods of tourist attendance?

The high period of tourist attendance is from May to September.

5 - What projects or actions have you implemented to make tourism more sustainable?

The organization has supported Naxos Island by co-participating to the project CONSUMELESS which aimed to the development of a sustainable model of tourism in order to protect the touristic areas from negative effects of over tourism during summer period.

6 – Have you set up tourism sustainability monitoring tools?

We don't have set up tourism sustainability monitoring tools for the moment 

7 – Do you have ways to reduce the negative impacts on the environment, culture, society?

With regard to environment the CONSUMELESS model the model been proposed is based on the qualification of the tourist destinations as Consume-less locations and on the enhancement of this peculiarity through an innovative communication and territorial marketing campaign, both implemented by directly involving all interested actors (local authorities, tourism operators and service providers, tourists).


The implementation approach of the model is based on 3 main principles:

  1. Integrated approach, including multiple types of energy and water saving actions and waste prevention and management measures;
  2. Offer of consume-less services through the active involvement of tourism service providers in the re-organization of their services, in order to offer to tourists a choice of services that will consent them to minimize water and energy consumption and waste generation and to better know and appreciate local products during their stay;
  3. Awareness raising and behavioural change campaigns based on the use of multiple behaviour change approaches and innovative solutions including a mix of storytelling and SoLoMo (Social-Location-Mobile solutions).

The implementation strategy is characterized in particular by the introduction of the concept of a territorial ConsumelessMed label. The label is defined taking into account already existing experiences (at local and EU level), first of all the EU Eco-label, but finding a simplified approach that would enable even the smallest and less organized activities to become engaged in the project implementation.

8 - What measures do you recommend to ensure responsible and sustainable growth?

Tourism taxes can could be directed by the Municipalities to development investments in the local level with promotion of renewable energy sources so that step by step the areas become carbon neutral. If such measures are combined with co-design methods involving local stakeholders have the potential to lead to responsible and sustainable growth.

9 - What governance mechanisms do you propose?

A strong cooperation among public and private entities in the regional level is necessary to ensure that all actors are «looking» to the same direction of development. Participatory mechanism which involve local communities are crucial for successful and widely accepted governance.