The WINTER MED catalogue brings together good practices to foster the fair and inclusive development of sustainable and responsible tourism in Mediterranean island destinations. Based on the experience of previous projects, this catalogue co-constructed by partners provide solutions to common challenges and promote alternative for the deployment of all-year tourism in the Mediterranean.


What is the WINTER MED Toolbox Catalogue and what kind of tools should be expected?

The catalogue gathers 13 tools identified as good practices for the deployment of sustainable tourism in the context of different projects, namely ALTER ECO, BRANDTour, CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, Co-EVOLVE, CONSUMELESS, INTENSE, MEDCYCLE TOUR, MITOMED+ and SMART DESTINATION.

The toolbox is classified into 6 types of instruments: tools, database, service for tourism, training and learning tools and Information and communication tools (ICT).






For each good practice, the catalogue provides a description of the tool, its benefits for the development of sustainable all-year-round tourism and provide details on the conditions for appropriate transferability.


To whom is it addressed?

Our catalogue targets a wide variety of entities such as regions, municipalities, tourist industries, public administrations, as well as tourists and citizen.


Why is it relevant?

Information and knowledge sharing among destination have become essential to identify solutions allowing sustainable all-year-round tourism to thrive in Mediterranean islands. This toolbox catalogue facilitates the replication of already operational tools and foster the cooperation between Mediterranean islands. Last but not least, The WINTER MED Toolbox catalogue demonstrates the benefits of policy learning and evidence-based decision-making.


Learn more about good practices to enhance sustainable all-year-round tourism by downloading our WINTER MED Toolbox Catalogue!