Main Results



The WINTER MED catalogue brings together good practices to foster the fair and inclusive development of sustainable and responsible tourism in Mediterranean island destinations. Based on the experience of previous projects, this catalogue co-constructed by partners provide solutions to common challenges and promote alternative for the deployment of all-year tourism in the Mediterranean.

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One of the key results of the WINTER MED project are the Regional Action Plans, a set of concrete actions and measures to tackle seasonality in tourism developed by six partner regions: Tuscany, Cyprus, South Aegean, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Corse and Balearic Islands.

The Regional Action Plans have been co-designed in two phases, the first one focusing on policy learning process and continuous social dialogue in partner regions and the second focusing on transnational networking and policy exchange between partners and their regional stakeholders. 

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In the face of the environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts arising from the high seasonality of tourism activities in Mediterranean islands, the WINTER MED partnership developed a transnational strategy aiming to foster the development of alternative, sustainable year-round tourism in Mediterranean island destinations, within and beyond the framework of the project.

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WINTER MED Policy Paper


The WINTER MED Policy Paper establishes links and synergies across the different initiatives of the project and the EU and MED policy framework. The final aim of the paper is to gather policy advice for regional and national governments to influence the highest levels of decision-making in the extension of the tourism season. It advocates for collective commitment of tourism stakeholders towards a Transnational year-round Tourism Strategy for Mediterranean islands.

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WINTER MED Memorandum of Understanding


The conclusions derived from the WINTER MED project form the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding.

The future cooperation envisaged by the present Memorandum is aimed at engaging not only the project partners but also other regional and local authorities, research institutions, private sector bodies and civil society organisations. All of them are invited to sign the document and implement WINTER MED’s Transnational Year-Round Tourism Strategy and disseminate and transfer other project results.

Moreover, the project has developed a Policy Paper which provides an overview of the conclusions reached at regional level throughout the project. The Paper includes recommendations and guidelines for different kinds of stakeholders involved in Sustainable Tourism development and stresses the need for specific attention to island territories, notably when it comes to the tourism sector. 

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